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Can I reschedule or cancel my reservation?

Because our CUBO Escapes Rooms are on such high demand, we do not allow cancellations unless you purchased cancellation protection when you booked your room ($5 per player). You may reschedule your day but you must provide a minimum notice of 48-hours and the day may not be currently reserved by another customer. If you call within 48 hours to cancel and do not have cancellation protection pre-purchased we will not refund or re-schedule you.

Are there age restrictions?

See each game for their recommended age limit. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult to play in our escape rooms. As for our Axe Throwing Lanes, participants must be eighteen years old and have the strength to safely use axes. ALL minors under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult and waivers must be completed by minors and their guardians.

How do I book using a gift card?

Each gift card is valid for one player in one game. Your gift card will be used to book your adventure, so make sure it’s handy when you make your reservation. When booking online:

Select your game, date, and time. Each gift card has a unique 13-digit code. Enter this code in the “Have a promo code?” tab on the payment page.
Multiple gift cards cannot be applied to one reservation; please give us a call to book your game.
You’ll receive a confirmation email for each card you use.
If you are having any problems using your gift card(s), please call us and a team member will be happy to assist you!

Want to do both Axe Throwing and an Escape Room?

Save money by doing both! Using our promo code: DOUBLEFUN

Escape Rooms

You are all brave Vampire Hunters on the trail of the infamous Count Antoine Baltar. You have tracked him to his secret lair but unfortunately, he is a very powerful Vampire and only one weapon can defeat him: The stake of Van Helsing.

He has that stake which is hidden somewhere in his manor. Can you gain access to Baltar’s crypt? Hurry locate the stake, and end his reign of terror before sundown?

Puzzle Difficulty 98%
Thrill Factor 97%
Ingenuity 90%

Travel back to a time when the infamous pirate Blackbeard terrorized the seven seas. Plunder his prized treasure map and escape his hideout!

Puzzle Difficulty 91%
Thrill Factor 97%
Ingenuity 90%

Hearing mysterious sounds of drums and animals, you and your friends get transported into the wild jungle as you enter a cave to play a puzzling board game.

Roll the dice, find the clues to escape the dangers that lurk within or risk being trapped forever.

Puzzle Difficulty 91%
Thrill Factor 97%
Ingenuity 90%

A secret freight elevator has been discovered inside CUBO.  We do not know anything of it’s origins but every Gamemaster we have placed inside to see how it works has disappeared and never returned.

Think you have what it takes to solve this Freight elevator of DOOM?!

Puzzle Difficulty 88%
Thrill Factor 100%
Ingenuity 78%

Axe Throwing

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