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Can I reschedule or cancel my reservation?

Because our CUBO Escapes Rooms are on such high demand, we do not allow cancellations unless you purchased cancellation protection when you booked your room ($5 per player). You may reschedule your day but you must provide a minimum notice of 48-hours and the day may not be currently reserved by another customer. If you call within 48 hours to cancel and do not have cancellation protection pre-purchased we will not refund or re-schedule you.

Are there age restrictions?

See each game for their recommended age limit. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult to play in our escape rooms. As for our Axe Throwing Lanes, participants must be eighteen years old and have the strength to safely use axes. ALL minors under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult and waivers must be completed by minors and their guardians.

How do I book using a gift card?

Each gift card is valid for one player in one game. Your gift card will be used to book your adventure, so make sure it’s handy when you make your reservation. When booking online:

Select your game, date, and time. Each gift card has a unique 13-digit code. Enter this code in the “Have a promo code?” tab on the payment page.
Multiple gift cards cannot be applied to one reservation; please give us a call to book your game.
You’ll receive a confirmation email for each card you use.
If you are having any problems using your gift card(s), please call us and a team member will be happy to assist you!

Want to do both Axe Throwing and an Escape Room?

Save money by doing both! Using our promo code: DOUBLEFUN

Escape Rooms


There is a breach in the prison’s quarters and the infamous Cannibal killer has murdered a security guard and is holding the other hostage in his oven, your team of FBI agents have 60 minutes to find that guard before the Cannibal turns on his oven and cooks him for dinner.

Puzzle Difficulty 91%
Thrill Factor 97%
Ingenuity 90%

Coming soon!


The Dark Lord has been released from his realm and is on his way. The Magus has made it clear we are to find and destroy all five of the evil Horcruxes! They are hidden inside the castle, but we have yet to discover them. He who must not be named, has placed evil spells that’ll make it difficult to capture these items. Outsmart him! Use your magical powers to break his mind games. Without eliminating those items, we stand no chance. Be haste, as the Dark Magic will overtake our cities soon. Destiny is in your hand’s young wizards!

Puzzle Difficulty 70%
Thrill Factor 88%
Ingenuity 98%

Ancient Maya priests were buried with their treasures. You made your way into one of their tombs to take possession of the riches they left behind. However, to get to the riches you need to solve their many secrets, make a mistake and take too long you may be left inside the tomb to rot forever!

Puzzle Difficulty 94%
Thrill Factor 93%
Ingenuity 93%

You’re in the Cold War and the Russians have captured you and your comrades.  You both are in separate bunkers and military allies have left items you can use for your escape.  Without being able to see each other you need to communicate on how to escape before they come back to execute you!

Puzzle Difficulty 91%
Thrill Factor 97%
Ingenuity 90%

Axe Throwing

Enjoy our Hall of Valhalla room where you get immersed in the Viking Theme as you prepare to chuck axes at targets just like the mighty Vikings did many eons ago!

Learning Difficulty 55%
Thrill Factor 85%
Competitiveness 98%

Enjoy our Haunted Farm Axe Throwing room where you get immersed frightening décor, train as if you are the serial killer preparing for their next victims using your trademarked signature Axe Throw.

Learning Difficulty 55%
Thrill Factor 90%
Competitiveness 93%

Rage Room


Coming Soon Spring 2023!

30 bottles, 5 Medium Items, 2 Large Items, Several Repeatable Items!

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Play While You Wait!

From the moment you walk in we want you to have FUN!
Starting 2023, all our customers get to enjoy complimentary Arcades, Shuffleboard, Air Hockey & Pool Table when they arrive. Just reserve one of our three main attractions (Escape Rooms, Axe Throwing, Rage Room) and come early or stay late to enjoy these extra games!

Shuffleboard is BACK! And it’s no longer your grandpa and grandma playtime…now it’s cool! Try it out with your friends, it’s kind of like that one winter Olympic sport we all tune in for every 4 years…you know…curling?! Same concept, but smaller, faster, and just as strategic. With your Social Game Pass you and your friends can play as many games as you want!

Want to hang out, hear some tunes and play a couple of friendly pool games with buds in an exciting atmosphere? Well you chose the right spot, included in our Social Game Pass is America’s favorite past time, no not baseball silly…POOL!

Love retro games? So do we! Come and enjoy our Arcade Cabinets that carry over 1900+ games from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today! With the Social Game Pass you can challenge your buddies at some of the coolest old school games that were ever created!

The classic Air Hockey 1v1 or tournament style is always a win among friends! See how quick and sharp your reaction skills are compared to your friends with our table by using your Social Game Pass.

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