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In CUBO we encourage social games with high level of interactions amongst friends, with our Social Game Pass for ($15 per group) you and your friends can enjoy up to an hour of all of our social games including Classic Arcade Games, Pool Tables, Shuffleboard Tables, Air Hockey and MORE!

ShuffleBoard Table

Pool Table

Air Hockey Table

Arcade Gameplay

Shuffleboard is BACK! And it's no longer your grandpa and grandma playtime...now it's cool! Try it out with your friends, it's kind of like that one winter Olympic sport we all tune in for every 4 years...you know...curling?! Same concept, but smaller, faster, and just as strategic. With your Social Game Pass you and your friends can play as many games as you want!

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Want to hang out, hear some tunes and play a couple of friendly pool games with buds in an exciting atmosphere? Well you chose the right spot, included in our Social Game Pass is America's favorite past time, no not baseball silly...POOL!

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Love retro games? So do we! Come and enjoy our Arcade Cabinets that carry over 1900+ games from the 70's, 80's, 90's and today! With the Social Game Pass you can challenge your buddies at some of the coolest old school games that were ever created!

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The classic Air Hockey 1v1 or tournament style is always a win among friends! See how quick and sharp your reaction skills are compared to your friends with our table by using your Social Game Pass.

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